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Flying Start

Flying Start

Flying Start in Carmarthenshire
Flying Start in Carmarthenshire

The Flying Start service is a Welsh Assembly Government funded programme, which provides intensive support services to 0-3 year old children and their families who live in areas of disadvantage, within Carmarthenshire.

Supporting the Welsh Assembly Government’s Core Aim 1, to “give every child a flying start in life”* and their commitment of alleviating child poverty, this Local Authority led programme works closely with it’s NHS partners to deliver intensive support services to address family needs’.

Flying Start is a targetted programme which means it is only available in eight geographic areas in the county of Carmarthenshire, deemed ‘Flying Start’ areas, which are:

Betws, in the Ammanford area. Bigyn, Felinfoel, Morfa, Lakefield/ Copperworks and Llwynhendy in the Llanelli area. Carway and Richmond Park in Carmarthen town.
(Strict postcode eligibility does apply)

The focus of the service is on the child and in particular to ensure that all children develop their language, social skills, emotionally, physically in order to be ready to begin school. Through early identification of needs Flying Start aims to put support services in place to address those needs within the family. This is achieved through four main service areas:

1. Health Visiting & Midwifery Service

Providing an intensive Health Visiting service; with 8 newly established Health Visitor posts and a reduced caseload, Health Visitors have the capacity to visit families more frequently and provide one to one support in the home. From the time a new born baby is born, each Flying Start family is supported to develop and bond with their baby, supporting mum in particular with her emotional and mental health, provide weekly clinics promoting the uptake of immunisations, giving general baby health advice, on weaning, creating routines and sleep patterns. Baby Massage courses can also be offered, informing parents about baby bonding and creating attachment which can help alleviate and soothe a baby during illness, or teething and general growth. The Health Visiting Service continues up to the age of 4 years old, when the child’s health care is handed over to the school nurse on entry to school.

Specialist Midwifery service – for those more vulnerable families who need additional support with identified intense needs, a midwife service is available ante-natally offering advice on staying well during pregnancy. This service is on a referral basis only from your Community Midwife.

Speech and Language Therapy service – this service is available for families and their children on a one to one basis in their homes, where children have been identified as having developmental or language delays. Flying Start Support Officers deliver a six week home speech & language programme and encourage parents to continue the language work on a continual basis after the sessions are complete.

Please telephone 01554 742468 to see if you are eligible for any of these free services.

2. Free Childcare for 2-3 Year Old Children

Children living in Flying Start areas are entitled to free part-time childcare for twelve and a half hours per week, which equates to two and a half hours per day, Monday to Friday, for 42 weeks of the year. Flying Start have purchased childcare places from the following providers:
  • Cylch Y Felin, Betws in Betws Community Primary School
  • St Paul’s Family Centre in Bigyn
  • Myrtle House Day Nursery in Bigyn
  • Cylch Meithrin Carway in Carway Primary School
  • Cylch Meithrin Felinfoel, in the Community Education Centre, Felinfoel
  • Jellitotz Playgroup at Pen-y-Morfa Community Hall, Morfa
  • Teddybears Nursery at the Dewi Sant Centre, Llanelli
  • The Children’s Centre, Llwynhendy
  • Ty Ni Family Centre, Carmarthen Town
  • Ty Hapus Family Centre, Park Hall Estate, Carmarthen
  • Argel Family Centre, Johnstown
The Flying Start Early Years Teacher works with each childcare setting in order to develop suitable curriculum plans and activities which stimulate two year olds’ development. The emphasis is on setting standards which produce ‘quality’ childcare provision across all 11 childcare settings.

Please telephone 01554 742468 to see if you are eligible for any of these free services and to check for availability of vacant childcare places.

3. Parenting Programmes

Parents living in Flying Start areas are supported further by having the opportunity to attend a range of parenting programmes, which aim to give them the skills to parent effectively. Some courses are especially for new parents with new born babies to encourage baby bonding and attachment. As children grow further programmes are available which build parent’s confidence to handle their children’s behaviour, promote positive parenting, creating positive approaches to building healthy relationships with their children. Courses range from:
  • 'How to get to know your Baby' (Webster Stratton) programme – for new parents with new born babies and children up to 12 months old
  • Neo-Natal Assessment Screening – this is an assessment carried out with parent and child which encourages baby bonding and attachment
  • 'Baby Massage' – for new born babies and up to 12 months old
  • 'Incredible Years' (Webster Stratton) programme – for toddlers 2-3 year olds
  • 'Handling Children’s Behaviour' – for toddlers 2-3 year olds.
Please telephone 01554 742468 to see if you are eligible for any of these free services.

4. Basic Skills programmes

Language and Play (LAP) courses are available to families living in Flying Start areas, which encourage parents how to interact and play with their children in a positive way to promote and stimulate their child’s language development, including increasing their range of words and vocabulary. This is a very popular course with parents as it stimulates a ‘feel good factor’ which promotes a strong healthy relationship with parent and child. Parents will talk, play and create craft activities with their children, use available resources, sing songs and nursery rhymes, all in the effort for the child to ‘learn through play’. The Numbers and Play (NAP) courses are equally as popular and very similar, using words associated with figures, numbers, and shapes to promote language development.

Story sessions at local libraries and on the Story Bus are also available and organised periodically throughout the year and are promoted locally. The inside of the Story Bus is furnished in a way to encourage a child’s creativity and imagination, with a den corner where a trained storyteller tells stories around a chosen theme. Very young children adore ‘Y Bws Stori’ as the outside is painted in a very attractive way with pretty pictures associated with pages of a book and letters.

Please telephone 01554 742468 to see if you are eligible for any of these free services.

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